The first and only food delivery platform, enabling cooking while delivering

Oven To You is a set of patent-pending processes, systems and technologies which enable brands to deliver
fresh and delicious food right to the customer, in the comfort of their home

By enabling kitchens to cook their food while in transit for delivery, menu items are ready just when they reach the customer and taste just as they would in a dine-in restaurant

Developing a completely automatic, robotic cooking vehicle, to take cooking on the go to the next level

FTV is developing technologies and solutions addressing

Energy Management

Building the world's most energy-efficient oven using a highly dense and quickly rechargeable power source

Sensors & Controls

Creating a visual and thermal imaging system that can operate inside an oven and is flexible enough to dispense 30+ products with varying physical properties


Developing robotics for complex movements
like pizza cutting and packing and creating a stabilisation system to protect the assembly against vehicle shocks

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