The only way to have gourmet Italian pizza is to cook pizzas while driving so that they come out of the oven seconds before they reach you

Compare the
food delivery systems

food delivery

Pizza is prepared and
cooked at a kitchen itself

food delivery

Fresh ingredients are prepared at a central kitchen

And thus was born,
My Love Triangle,
FTV’s first of many cooking on-the-go consumer brands, offering a superior gourmet pizza experience

We put this together with:

An authentic,

Neapolitan crust,

with premium,

gourmet variants,

exotic ingredients,

delicious condiments,


heat preserving,

moisture absorbing,

aesthetically unique,

exquisite packaging,

and a catwalk-ready delivery team

That’s not all...


Our pizzas are baked to perfection in 500 degree ovens. Each pizza has a distinct flavour, something for everyone. Chef Antonio has perfected them after 6 months and 10,000 pies


Curated by chefs from Hyatt and Imperial pedigree, our salads are made with the finest, freshest ingredients, complimented with choicest of dressings


Choose from a list of 15 candidates. From garlic bread to puffs and an antipasti platter, each side is elevated and delicious. We promise you’ve never tasted something like it before


Rich, flavorful creations that are soul satisfying but light on the stomach created by pastry chef Avanti Mathur. Having worked in Michelin star restaurants, each dessert is of the highest quality and uses the purest ingredients


Curated by the country’s best mixologists, Yangdup Lama and his team have created the perfect accompaniments to our pizzas using all natural essences extracted from the finest fruits and flowers


Our terracotta packaging is a world first for pizzas. It not only keeps pizzas hot after delivery and soaks excess moisture, but is eco-friendly and biodegradable

My Love Triangle is the Seven-Star pizza delivery experience you deserve

Baking while driving, delivering while hot