Bringing food delivery
to the 21st Century

FTV is transforming
the ecosystem for food delivery


Freshly cooked and instantly served food tastes better than delivered food. Regular home delivered food arrives cold, soggy, smelly or all of the above


Cooking while delivering instead of cooking then delivering closes the gap between dine-in and delivery


Our patent-pending technology makes cooking while delivering technically possible and financially rewarding

Compare the
food delivery systems

food delivery

Pizza is prepared and
cooked at a kitchen itself

food delivery

Fresh ingredients are prepared at a central kitchen

Cooking on-the-go

offers multiple game changing advantages over cooking then delivering


Highly differentiated, vastly superior product and experience which enables premium pricing and brand loyalty


Operational advantages over traditional dine-in and delivery model


Financial advantages over traditional dine-in and delivery model

FTV is positioned to rapidly capitalise on a multi-billion dollar opportunity

Starting with pizza

Starting with pizza

  • A $150 Bn market, pizzas are the most popular QSR cuisine globally
  • Growing at CAGR of 20% in India
  • Consumption is skewed towards home delivery
  • Cooking on the go enables a true gourmet pizza experience, enabling premium pricing and loyalty

Delivery Technology

Delivery Technology

  • FTV has built processes and technologies that are patent pending
  • Processes being used commercially
  • Technologies are being perfected by Netherlands-based robotics partner and strategic investor

Brands & Franchising

Brands & Franchising

  • FTV is operating a delivery service which will build brands, establish credibility and customer loyalty
  • Building global brands to capitalise on global opportunity
  • Leveraging brands for rapid and capital light global scale up

Team with International Experience in
  • Technology
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Manufacturing
well positioned to capitalise on the opportunity

Ashutosh Mahindru Founder & CEO

Ashish Saxena Co-Founder, Finance & Ops

Jai Rambarat Singh Co-Founder, Technology

Willem Zwetsloot Co-Founder, Robotics

Jasdeep Batra Co-Founder, Advisor

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